Books for School and Other School Annoyances

I just looked up which books I’ll need for this coming semester of Library School and was sickened.  It’ll cost me almost $400 for these books.  The cheapest was $35, the most expensive $78. 

The only reason I looked it up was that I became frustrated by the New Student Technology Workshop they make new students finish before the start of the semester.  It’s on BlackBoard, and requires several different components be completed.  One of these components is an Elluminate orientation session.  The next ones won’t be until sometime in January… but school starts in January!

Normally this wouldn’t be a problem; the workshop would have been finished within 2 hours.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have a microphone, and couldn’t get the money together to buy one.  And no, I couldn’t borrow one since nobody I knew had one.  So I got one for Christmas (thanks Ben!), and set off to schedule this session only to hit a brick wall.  You would think they’d have these sessions scheduled weeks in advance, but no.  You’d think they’d have a phone number so you can call and ask when they might have the schedule up, but no.  This school, which is costing me $2218 per semester, plus books and supplies, doesn’t see why they should accomodate the very students that are paying their salaries.  Can you tell I’m peeved?

Of course, I’m always a little more stressed out whenever the status quo changes.  Silly things that wouldn’t normally bug me, really frustrate me, and I snap at people more.  But this Elluminate issue seems like something that’s easily remedied, after all, it’s not like these sessions are a high-level security risk, right?  So, I’ll have to bide my time, and wait patiently for SJSU and SLIS to put up the Orientation schedule, and pray a heck of a lot that the first sessions happen before school starts so that I won’t lose access to BlackBoard, which is the only way that I can access my online classes.

*sigh* Sometimes I feel as if the schools make things more complicated so that they can get more money out of you.


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  1. Ouch on the cost of books! FYI, teacher’s have no control of the cost of those books. My teacher-spouse cringes when he sees the amount the bookstore charges.

    I love that you added CTV’s will-never-die carpet!

    Have a wonderful, stress-free Christmas!

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