Christmas update

Christmas was good, in spite of getting sick.  It wasn’t just me either…  my hunny, my sister, and her two kids got sick too. 

Our gifts for the neices and nephew were all meant to inspire imagination or knowledge.  So, we gave my nephew a phonics matching game since he’s learning to read.  My littlest neice got a princess dress-up set, and my oldest neice got a science kit.  The only one of the three that was really thrilled with their gift was the 3-year-old.  She tore into that dress-up set, and posed in front of the mirror.  The other two gave us the typical “uhhh… thanks” that you get when it’s not quite what they wanted, but they’re trying to be polite.

The gifts I received were all very practical.  I got lots of blankets, which will come in handy since my apartment is FREEZING!  I also got several sets of towels, which are nice and will help keep me from doing so many smaller loads of laundry.  My mom bought me the Paula Deen Christmas Cookbook, and a new cooking knife.  I got a new lamp for my study area, and lots of study accessories, including caffeine, writing implements, and other items.

Other family members got practical gifts as well. 

My brother, the chef, actually got Christmas off, so he was able to cook Christmas dinner.  The dinner wasn’t too involved, since we all decided we weren’t going to cook a whole turkey.  And for dessert…  Cherry-o-cream pie!  Yum!

Then, my hunny and I went back home to bed so that we could sleep off our colds.  Our Christmas wasn’t very glamorous, but it was a lot more relaxed than in previous years.  This was partially because it was spread out over several days instead of just Christmas Eve and Day.


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