Thing #8 – Bloglines

Since I’m at home sick today I figured I should do something work related…  so of course I thought about the 23 Things we have to learn.  Thing #8 is an online tool called Bloglines, which is basically an online newsreader to help us keep track of the stuff we look at the most.  It’ll let me know when a site is updated so that I don’t waste time looking at websites only to find that they don’t have any new info on them.  This extra tool can be a wonderful thing, especially as my free time becomes less and less.  But then I worry that I’ll miss out on finding new, interesting webpages to look at.

One of the questions we were asked is “How can libraries use RSS or take advantage of this new technology?”  People are always interested in the new stuff.  They want to know which books are new, when are the new movies coming in…  you get the idea.  If the library has a web page for new stuff (not just new non-fiction) the public might use RSS to keep track of this page.  It might increase circs and create a new excitement among our customers.

The library is also trying to keep its customers and employees informed about library news.  If we add a RSS feed, it would be easier to stay informed. 

To see what I’ve subscribed to, feel free to visit:



  1. For a sick person, you are doing great!

  2. Actually, you’re doing great. Period. Forget the sick person part.

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