Thing #9 – explore feeds

For this “thing” we were supposed to explore the different ways we could find news feeds.  We were given a couple of different links to play with, and basically told “go with it.”  So I did.

I tried to use Feedster first, only to find that the site wouldn’t load.  Because of this, I can’t give a fair review of my experience at that site.

So, I looked at another link on the list called Technorati.  This site allows its users to search for blogs based on subject, tags, and other stuff.  At first glance it’s very busy and kinda clunky.  I expected to click on the various headings and get a list of blogs, but it didn’t work that way.  If I wanted a list of blogs, I had to use the search bar instead.  I guess it worked OK. 

I found interesting stuff on Technorati.  I even added a couple of them to my bloglines account.  One of the feeds I added has to do with horror movies (it’s a guilty pleasure), and the other has to do with cooking (it’s a necessity). 

Would I have found these blogs without Technorati?  Maybe, if I had thought to look up this kind of stuff… but let’s face it, after so many years with the internet we get into a rut that consists of email, news, and research for school/health/whatever.  It’s doubtful that I would have taken the time to look for blogs, let alone blogs about horror movies and cooking.


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