Shower Head

I quickly became spoiled by the bathroom at my mother’s house.  It had been completely remodeled with everything being taken down to the studs and rebuilt.  I picked out the tiles (everyone else liked them too), and I made sure that the tub had a slope at the non-faucet end so that I could soak in comfort.  But the real thing of beauty was the shower head. 

This shower head is awesome!  It’s on a slidey-bar so that my brother, who’s near six feet tall can wash his hair without having to crouch and then my nephew who’s only five years old can jump in afterwards and shower without having problems getting wet.  Then it’s got 5 functions (the one in the link above only has 3) which include everything from a gentle rain fall to a forceful jet.  To top it all off, this shower head can be hand held too!  It makes cleaning sooo much easier. 

So, when my hunny and I moved into our apartment it was a major change.  Everything in the bathrooms (well, except for the cabinets) was old.  The faucets were mismatched, the grout and caulking were weird, and the tub looked like someone tried to paint it at one time.  But the worst, by far, is the shower head.  I know it’s supposed to be similar to a rain head, but it’s terrible!  It takes forever to get wet under that thing, and the water pressure isn’t enough to clean out my razor or get the stray hair off my arm.  And it’s impossible to clean a shower with that thing.  I figured I was destined to live for a while with a terrible shower experience.  But then my mom came to the rescue.

Since she can’t leave the house on her own any more, she shops with QVC.  Wouldn’t you know it, she found a shower head she thought I’d like on that show, so she bought it.  It just came in the mail yesterday so I haven’t had a chance to switch it out but I am totally looking forward to it.

Here’s to an awesome shower…


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