Thing #11 – LibraryThing

For Thing #11, we had to explore LibraryThing and add at least 5 items from our personal library.  Since I’m doing this at work, I had to think hard to remember which books I have at home.  Here’s my list.

If I had a lot of books at home, I could see using this tool to keep track.  Really, though, I don’t.  I recently moved into a new apartment and discarded a lot of my personal collection.  I simply couldn’t justify moving books I no longer read or refer to. 

I don’t really see what the purpose of this tool is, but I suppose if I explored it a bit more I’d figure it out.  Either way, it seems easy enough.



  1. Whoa, you changed your theme! OK, you could use LT for your “to be read” list, wishlist, or life (reading) list. I like to see what others’ books are on the subjects I am interested in. And the tags are an easy way to find new titles too. Unfortunately, I lost my password for my original LT account, so I had to start over 😦

  2. Thanks for the tips!

  3. A lot of the people that I know that got hooked was because they started looking at the shelves of other people that had the same books. Looking for other books that might be interesting. For those of us that have 200 book on our to-be-read shelves, that’s just dangerous.

  4. I know what you mean – it is dangerous to keep finding books you want to read!

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