Second Life… again

Well, it turns out that Second Life doesn’t support my laptop’s graphics card.  grrrrr…  I figured that out after it crashed for the third time, and then I got the Blue Screen of Death.  So, I tried to download it onto the downstairs computer that we used to use as a TV, but it was super choppy due to low memory.  Then, I went upstairs to try it on my hunny’s super special computer only to find that the computer wouldn’t turn on.  *sigh* There are some major problems with the plugs in this apartment.  But once I got that problem taken care of, Second Life seemed to work fine. 

I got some free clothes for my avatar, looked around some of the lands, and talked to a couple of people.  I just wish that it worked on my laptop.


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  1. I have a number of online friends that are new, but not as new as you are to Second Life. they suggest hanging out on Help Island to get your questions answered.

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