Mixed Bag

Today was a mixed bag: ups and downs all day.

I started out by answering emails and doing school stuff.  It was mostly bulletin board postings and getting the gumption to finish writing my papers.  I was talking about the changes a local library made and mentioned that I’d like to interview their library’s director about the changes.  Of course, my teacher chimes in and says “why don’t you?  And then you can post your findings for us all to see.”  *sigh* Why did I open my big mouth?

I went to Ikea with my friend C.  She’s 6 weeks pregnant, so she wants to work on making her house safer for a baby by swapping an ottoman for a coffee table, and getting curtains instead of mini blinds.  I had a gift card and was hunting for curtains, area rugs, and maybe some decorations.  Three hours later I came away with stuff to make my half bath more “beachy,” a couple of household items, and a Valentine’s present for my hunny.  C found household items and an area rug.  Oh well, there’s always next time.

Ikea’s checkout system sucks bad.  They force you to use the self-checkouts, but they’re not easy like the library’s.  When you need help, the cashier folks get mad.  I guess it’s because everyone needs help all the time, but still…  I’d rather have someone ring up my items.  It’s less hassle for me, and it gives someone a job.

I got stuck at a train crossing on the way home.  Some jerk behind me was leaning on his horn – like it would make the train go any faster!  People like that are idiots.

Then I got home and decorated the bathroom.  My hunny got home and was in a bad mood.  I guess 8 hours with people rich enough to buy a Bently and then 3 hours on BART will do that to you.  He was hungry, so I went to make some dinner while he went upstairs to relax and improve his mood.  I was chopping celery on a slippery cutting board on a slippery counter with my shiny new knife when – you guessed it – the knife slipped and landed on my index finger.  I shouted many swear words (it didn’t hurt, it was just reflex) and my hunny ran down the stairs, slipping and falling, to come to my rescue.  Blood everywhere, and now my finger hurts.  I’m sure the endless typing hasn’t helped.

So, we ate dinner and went to the mall to redeem a See’s Candy gift certificate Hunny got for supporting a program last year.  I got to build my own box, but it took forever because of all the people trying to get their Valentine’s gifts before the big day.  Ever since then, I’ve been upstairs working on homework, writing my papers, reading the books.  Lots of work to do.  I took a break to clean up the kitchen and set the coffee maker, but I haven’t been able to motivate myself to get back to work.  I guess that’s a sign it’s time for bed.

Yeah…  1:15 AM and work at 9?  It’s definitely time for bed.


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