Thing #16 – Wikis

Thanks to services like Wikipedia, wikis are here to stay.  I’m not sure how I feel about that; I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea of unpermanent (is that even a word?) information.  Call me old-fashioned or even self-centered, but the thought that someone could change or discard my thoughts makes me sad.  It makes me feel as though my words are unimportant.  This doesn’t mean that I’m against wikis, because they can be very useful tools, but still…

I can see wikis working very well for group projects or commonly used search tools.  It definitely makes more sense to allow group members to update one page instead of having a bunch of different documents floating around in cyberspace.  And with search tools, it’s easier to prune away dead links or add better ones than it is to try to save everything to all computers.  So, I can see where they’d be useful, but I still don’t think I like them.  I’d have to play with them some more to make sure, though.

 Here’s a link to an article I found on Library Link of the Day.  It’s about Wikipedia and School Curriculum. 


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