Thing #17: Zoho

 The document I created with Zoho and published to this blog is below.  It’s basically an outline of what I have to write for a paper that’s due on Monday.  I’ll have to scramble to finish it, because my day has been taken up with waiting for the window guy to show up at my apartment.  So far, it’s close to 3PM, and he’s nowhere to be seen.  Either way, I have to pick a public library at which I won’t be recognized, so I can’t pick a library that I work at.  *sigh*  Lots to do.

Zoho seemed pretty simple and straightforward.  It would really work well for those that don’t own regular document creation software.  It would also make online group work very easy for the same reasons a wiki is helpful.  I haven’t played with any of the other options though.  I’ll have to do that later.


Due 3/3/08

Evaluation of Library Management

Length: at least 8 pages

Format: double spaced, APA style

This assignment is designed develop your skills of observation and to practice doing an environmental scan.  The ability to objectively observe, analyze, and report the current environmental findings about a specific site is essential to creating a strategic plan.

Public Library name:

Community Demographics:




External environmental variables that affect management (ID 5-10):

  • Explain how each affects management of collections and services
  • Compare/contrast community demographics with collections and services
  • Include visuals (graphs, tables, charts, pictures)
  • What are the implications of these variables when compared with strategic plan?
  • Neighborhood
  • Location

Internal environmental variables:

  • People (customers) reaction and feelings as they enter
  • Signage clear and consistent?  Easy to find?
  • Navigation within the building
  • Cluttered or clean/sparse?
  • Staff easy to find and ID?
  • How does the library change on different days/times?
  • How does the internal environment fit in/reflect the external?
  • How doesn’t the internal environment fit in/reflect the external?
  • What is the organizational structure?
  • What were the expectations based on external?
  • What surprises you when you compare the internal and external?
  • What are the implications when you compare them to the strategic plan?

Note any indications of organizational culture of the library



  • Observations
  • How is the library answering demographic trends you IDed in your research?
  • What does the library do to address those constituents?
  • Which constituents are underserved?
  • What are the implications for a strategic plan?


  • Summarize your main points
  • Briefly restate your findings and the best supporting evidence
  • Review the implications of your research on a strategic plan
  • Add any personal or editorial comments

Use the required readings and any additional sources to support your position. 

Use APA style format for your citations.  List your references at the end of your essay, again using APA style format. 

Post your Essay to the assignment manager in Blackboard.

This assignment is worth 10% of your total grade.  In points it is 40 of a total of 400 points

Content is worth 90% of the grade.



  1. Hi
    Thanks for the post.

    I’m using Zoho services my self and I’m very happy with it 🙂

    What else can you tell us about the Zoho?
    I’m always looking for good tips and tricks.

    Do you have some?


  2. Sorry, I haven’t really used Zoho since this Web 2.0 training for work. Thanks for reminding me about it. I’ll have to go back and play with the service.

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