Tee Hee!

I got my very first MP3 player today.  It’s an Ipod Shuffle, and I won it for completing the Learning2.0 training for my library.  My hunny’s hecka jealous, and has already threatened to steal it from me.  I’m super excited about it.

 On a sad note, it was my last day at CTV as a Library Clerk.  The crew put together a nice potluck for me, complete with sweets and savory dishes, and veggie dip and S’s mom’s deviled eggs.  Yum.  The bosses all showed up too, which was pretty cool.  I got my ginormous CTV carpet square, so I’ll see where I can use it at UCY to remind me of my favorite coworkers.  If all else fails I’ll use it in my study room at home.

*sigh*  I’ll miss CTV.  I’ve been there for 5.5 years – long enough to find my way around the library blindfolded if I have to.  Hopefully I’ll build up that same sense of security at UCY; I’ve heard good things about the crew there, so I know I won’t have to worry about getting along with them. 

Oh well, I should probably get back to my school work.  My task for the Library Management group project is to create a vision statement for our fictional library’s strategic plan.  I should work on that…



  1. deserter! good luck! I’ll visit you after you’ve settled in for a week.

  2. My schedule’s so strange! You’ll have to guess at whether I’m there or not! I forgot to give back my keys so I’ll probably stop by CTV on Thursday to drop them off.

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