Operational Plan – II

I’ve settled down a bit with this particular assignment.  I decided that before this plan was created, the Kichalda Library was beginning to take advantage of their bilingual staff members’ abilities to create signs and explain library policies, but that they simply hadn’t gone far enough with it.  That made it a bit easier to get started.  Now all I have to deal with is creating the individual measures for the plan, assigning responsibility, and figuring out a budget and timeline.  Sounds like “real” work to me.

I wonder how much the decrease in intimidation has to do with the looming deadline for this project.  Isn’t it funny how a sense of calm can come over you at the most stressful moments?  It works that way for me sometimes; and then everything becomes clear.

So I created the measures to go along with the first goal from the Strategic Plan: create/receive supplementary funding.  Each group member must tackle the goals from a unique perspective, and mine happens to be that of a Circulation Supervisor.  The Kichalda Library doesn’t have a particular person designated to manage donations of time, money, or materials, so I really had to think about what a circulation staff person could do with this goal.  The Kichalda Library also doesn’t have a Friends organization to oversee these topics.  I had to make sure that the measures wouldn’t detract from (or even take over) their daily duties, and that the work would also be meaningful.  In my opinion, there’s nothing worse than being assigned “busy work” because the supervisor doesn’t know what else to do.

Several of the ideas I came up with were things that general circulation personnel are not trained to handle, and really go beyond the scope of their current job duties.  I mean, exactly how would circulation staff create partnerships with community leaders, businesses, and secure grants?  It’s just not feasible for most of them.  But circulation staff can handle things that relate to “passive fundraising.”  They can collect small monetary donations, they can sell library-related items, and they can be knowledgeable about the ways a patron can donate to the library.  Even these small measures can help with raising the money necessary to achieve a library’s goals.

Well, I should really get back to work.  I have to tackle the next goal: create a welcoming atmosphere.


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