End of a semester

This past week was finals week.  For me, that means I still have a lot of work to do before I can relax.  I’m finishing up a 15-20 page paper, and I still have to write a couple of essays for a final.  The paper is due tomorrow (Sunday), and the essays are due on Tuesday.  I can’t wait to be finished with these things.

This past semester was my first one in the MLIS program at SJSU.  I experienced group work in an online setting, and learned that it’s not much different than in-person group work… it just requires more patience, scheduling and dedication.  I wrote a bunch of different papers, on different topics.  I found that some teachers were more interested in making sure we followed directions than in making sure that we learned the subject.  And I re-learned that communication works wonders, especially when you’re not working with a professor face-to-face.

So, I’ve registered for the summer semester, and will be taking two classes.  One is Libr 210 (Reference & Information Services), and the other is Libr 275 (Library Services for a Diverse Population).  These classes wouldn’t normally intimidate me, but I’ve got a lot going on.  I recently started a full-time job as a Circulation Supervisor; before I only worked part-time.  The summer semester is shorter, so the classes, their information, and their assignments will be crammed into a smaller timeframe.  And of course it’s the summer, which means that my birthday will be going on, the weather will be nice, and I’ll want to be hanging out with my friends more than ever.  Like I said, there’s a lot going on.  I know the semester hasn’t started yet, but I’m ready to start planning so that I know when I can goof off, and when I can’t.  I guess I’ll have to be patient, right?

Alright, well, I should probably get to bed.  My eyes are blurry and I can’t focus on this paper any more tonight, so that’s a sure sign I need a break.  So until next time…


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