School starts (again!) on Monday.  This semester, I’m taking two classes; one on Information Secrecy, and one on Financial Management for Libraries.  They both look like they’ll require quite a bit of work with reading and writing, but I’ll manage – I always do, don’t I?

Looking at the Greensheets for the classes shows the following assignments:

Financial Management –

  1. Budget Reduction (reduce a sample budget by 5% and by 10%, with justifications in a memo for the city council) 10% of grade
  2. Budget Presentation (present a budget to lobby for new/additional funding for a new idea) 10% of grade
  3. Cash Handling Policy (write a policy covering all aspects of handling money in all forms) 10% of grade
  4. Grant Evaluation (review and evaluate grants, then make recommendations for funding) 10% of grade
  5. Grant Project (write a proposal in three parts for a competitive grant through IMLS) 30% of grade
  6. Class participation 30% of grade

Information Secrecy –

  1. Association/Organization Review (write a review of an organization that deals with the topic)
  2. Reaction Paper (write your reaction to a blog/listserv posting on information secrecy)
  3. Article Critique #1
  4. Article Critique #2
  5. Final paper
  6. Participation

Yup…  so that’s what I’ll be doing this semester.  Ugh, I need a nap.

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