First week

The first week of the Fall semester is under way.  So far everyone seems to be great.  It was good to see a few familiar names in my classes – it feels less lonely that way, ya know?

Work’s been pretty busy lately.  Our system went down briefly a couple of weeks ago, and then again last week.  We seem to have (mostly) recovered from it.  This is excellent news since we’re in the middle of a giant weeding project with no air conditioning.  It’s working out, though.  We’re also planning a field trip to a couple of different libraries so that we can see their automated check-in systems.  It sounds like fun and a great break from the normal work day.

My hunny, and I just got back from a trip to Vegas with one of our good friends.  It was kind of last minute, though.  We really wanted to visit Quark’s Bar one more time before they closed for good.  For those who don’t know, Quark’s is a Star Trek themed bar and restaurant.  It’ll be closing at the end of this month.  We’re really bummed about it.  We’ve visited Quark’s on every trip to Vegas, so it’s pretty sad to see it go.

Well, I need to get to bed.  After a 10.5 hour day and 30 minutes of studying when I got home, I’m too pooped to party.

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  1. Our family is having a day of mourning 😦

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