I did it!  I finished my 15 page research paper and turned it in, along with the long overdue article critique (my teacher was nice enough to grant me an extended extension due to mom), and a grant proposal.  None of it is my best work, but I think I did pretty well considering all the stress I’ve been under.  Now I can focus on the AMHS proposals I need to read for work, wrapping presents, and relaxing just a bit before I start up again next month.

There’s conflict on the homefront with my siblings, but hopefully they’ll realize the error of their sloppy ways. 

Still working on losing weight, but you can imagine how little time I’ve had to devote to that goal.  Tomorrow night I should be able to exercise while my hunny cooks dinner – it’s good to have a great, supportive, helpful man to lean on when I need it.

Alright, it’s time for bed, and I’m exhausted.  I wonder what wiped me out: the parent with dementia and other disabilities, cleaning a house, writing the last 5 pages on my research paper, cooking 3 meals, or arguing with my siblings?  Hmmm…

Tomorrow will be a much better day.


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