Hard Hat Tour

Ten of us got to visit the new library building today.  It’s still very much a construction site so we all wore hard hats.  The branch manager thought it would be a real treat for us to see the building we’ll be working in this fall.  Can you believe it?!?  Only 9 or 10 more months to go and we’ll be in a beautiful new building. 

At 35,000 square feet, the new building is 3.5 times the size of the current building.  That number is hard to imagine though, I mean, thinking about 35,000 square feet and seeing it are two different things.  That place is HUGE!!!

It’s really starting to feel real now that I’ve been in the building.  Unfortunately the tour was only about 20 minutes long, I would have loved for it to be longer.

With the size of the building, and the projected increase in circulation, I am very concerned about staffing levels.  I know in this economy I should be happy with what I get, but I’d really like to see us fully staffed, and with 2 extra pages (minimum) on top of that.  My staff will be running around like crazy people trying to get everything done.  They’re all awesome, and I know they can do it, but I’d like to keep their stress and potential for injury to a minimum.  Oh well, with the economy looking to worsen, I know 2 extra pages is merely a dream. 

On the fitness/exercise side of things, my scale lied to me this morning… it said I lost 2 pounds since Sunday last week.  Two pounds isn’t much, but it’s a start towards my ultimate goal of 50 pounds.  As long as I keep going with the 2 pounds per week, I’ll meet my goal the week of June 21, 2009…  my  birthday is June 25.  That would be an awesome birthday present!

OK, it’s after 10, which means it’s after my bedtime.  I need to nap so I can get up and get going tomorrow morning.


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  1. we often tour, but for a slightly different reason…. i own
    , and we try and promote how important hard hats really are to the workers… it is amazing how many of them DO NOT always wear protection… when you go on tours be aware how that simple bit of plastic could save your life and take it seriously….

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