Why is it that when you go on a diet, people try to get you to eat unhealthful foods? I’m really frustrated by this!!!

The first week of my eating plan was OK. I only really had one person repeatedly offer me junk food. It’s understandable because he was only 6 years old (my nephew) and doesn’t understand that Auntie is trying to be a healthier person.

Then on 1/10 there was a birthday party. “Have some cake Danie. One bite won’t hurt.” The thing is that I knew if I had one bite, I’d want more, so it was easier to avoid the temptation. Then everyone sat there and made comments about what I ate: “My, you’re eating light today” as they all sat there eating roast turkey dinners covered in gravy. I had a salad with a little dressing and a half a turkey sandwich. It was filling enough and healthy enough to fit in with my eating plan.

During the week it was back to convenience foods. Part of eating healthfully is making sure you know what’s in it. I’m sorry, but just because fast food is easy doesn’t mean it’s healthy. I’m of the mind that even Subway should be a treat and not a necessity. Even though we’re supposed to split the cooking for the week, I feel like I have to do it all because his nights are becoming more and more “convenient” and less and less healthy.

To be fair, he does ask where I can eat, and doesn’t just blindly pick a place.

Then 1/16 was my nephew’s birthday party. We got there late, after the pizza, cake and icecream had been eaten, because my hunny got off work late. My sister became angry with me when I turned down the pizza, cake, and icecream. “But it’s vegetarian!” I know, Sha, but it’s covered in oil. I can’t eat it. So then she turns to her husband and says “Danie says pizza’s unhealthy. Why even bother coming for dinner then?” I wasn’t there for dinner. I was there to celebrate my nephew’s birthday. Somehow she made his birthday celebration about my food intake. I felt so uncomfortable that I left about a half hour after that.

It’s only been a couple weeks, and I’m already ready to avoid social eating situations. The problem is that this is how my friends and I socialize. We don’t really go out to do anything else because their schedules don’t allow it. I either need to make new friends or find a way to guide our outings into more appropriate activities.

Either way, I’m down 7 pounds from my starting weight. I just need to keep going, and keep working towards making healthy decisions.


  1. OK, you are definitely being challenged by people who a) want to sabotage you and b) are waiting for you to fail so that that they can feel okay about their own poor eating habits. Just don’t give in to the pressure, keep up with what you are doing and you will find other ways to get past pressure like this. You can always take a dish that you make and one that you can eat plenty of so that you can avoid an uncomfortable situation. Good luck and power through. Remember that it’s not about them, it’s about you.

  2. Thank you Amy! I appreciate your encouragement.

  3. pot lucks! Have them at your house — and the rule is that if there is food left over the bringer of the food has to take it home. If they don’t — toss it.

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