21 down 25 to go

I saw an aquaintance at Target last night.  He took one look at me and said “You’ve lost weight!  How much?”  I told him 21 pounds.  He said that it looked more like 41 and walked away.  I know he meant it as a compliment, but it made me wonder if I really looked that fat before?  I’ve gone from an 18W to a 14-16P in jeans.  In shirts I’ve gone from a 1X to a L-XL.  So, maybe I did look that big before.  I know that my stomach is skinnier, and my back no longer has rolls of fat, so I’m pretty happy.

The changes I’ve made are mostly easy for me to continue and to follow, even under difficult conditions.  I’m continually learning about different ways to work around the food choices others are making.  I know that I can eat a slice of thin crust veggie pizza and a salad with fat free dressing.  I know what I can eat at McDonald’s and Taco Bell, and that Jack in the Box and KFC have almost nothing that fits with my dietary needs.

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m very goal and prize oriented, so of course, I’ve had prizes along the way.  My first 10 pounds was a nice dinner out with my hunny.  For 20 pounds I got a new video game for my Wii called “My Fitness Coach” (it kicks my butt daily).  When I lose 30, I’ll get a massage.  Forty pounds will equal a day at the salon, and 46 will be a new wardrobe.

On the school front, it’s been a bit difficult.  I think I’m probably becoming burnt out from all these years of education, and these semesters (as opposed to quarters) makes it even more difficult to stay focused.  There are only 5 classes to go after this, and then I need to figure out what to do next.  Any ideas?



  1. Rest?

    Seriously — there should be time to concentrate on work — read a book for fun —

    You are an ambitious person, the harder thing for you is to relax. Figure it out now, and you won’t have to wory about burnout!:)

  2. Me? Rest?!? Yeah right! LOL

    Maybe once I get the degree…

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