Dear God!  That workout was hard!  Or should I say those three workouts?

I borrowed a workout DVD from work that promised five 12 minute workouts that you could do throughout the week.  (It’s “Get Fit Daily Dozen” by Denise Austin).   You’re supposed to do a single 12 minute workout every day and count that as your exercise quota.  But here’s the problem: I promised myself that I’d do 30 minutes a day, minimum.  So, I had to do 3 of the 12 minute workouts.

The first workout was the “cardio-athletic” one.  It wasn’t that hard, except for learning the moves.  I think it’ll be a lot easier the next time I do it.

The second one was the lower body/ab sculpt.  That was really, really hard…  well, the abs part was hard.  Think about it.  You’re doing the plank (which is hard enough to do on its own) and then she wants you to do a donkey kick with it.  OW?!?  That’s just one exercise.

The third one was the cardio kickboxing one.  That one was kind of fun, but by then I was exhausted and covered in sweat.

I’ll have to try it again tomorrow…  I’ll do the Cardio kickboxing, upperbody/ab sculpt, and yoga stretch.  We’ll see what happens.

By the way…  I’m halfway to my goal AND I’m at my driver’s license weight!  Yay!


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  1. Good for you — but maybe a 12 minute hard workout followed by a walk?

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