Buff Brides

I borrowed several workout DVDs from work, one of which was called Buff Brides. It looked promising enough and claimed to use resistance bands instead of weights. My hunny thought it was “hot” so I let him watch while I worked out to it.

The workout started out well enough… march in place, march up and back, side steps, grapevine, grapevine with a twirl… then combine them all into something that takes up way more room than my little livingroom has. *sigh* First strike.

Then they work in the resistance bands. Only they really mean band (singular) in a circle, instead of the long resistance bands that we all know and love. OK, time to pause and figure out how to tie the darn thing into a size small enough to go around my ankles. Unpause… and the screen shot changes to a closeup of the decorations behind the workout lady while she shows the move. Ummm.. how am I supposed to know which move to make if you don’t show it? *sigh* strike two.

So that workout ends well enough.. I decide to continue to the upper body portion. But wait! They’re requiring weights? What happened to the resistance bands? Oh well, I have lots of free weights here. I pull them out and start the workout.

It all went well until they had me do some weird balancing thing while spinning in place, kicking and doing curls. Ummm… no. I’m sorry. *sigh* strike three, you’re out.

This is one workout DVD I’m glad I didn’t buy.


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