After my hunny and I walked up the hill to Garin Park, we had to walk back down.  My knee felt kind of achy on the way down, but I didn’t think much of it.  I have a history of tendonitis in my knee.  I knew I probably overdid it a bit.  It wasn’t until a week later when it was hurting so much that I almost fell down my stairs one morning that I thought it could be something more serious.

My doctor says that my tendons and ligaments in my left knee are more elastic than in my right knee.  They don’t keep my patella lined up with its groove in my femur, so then my quadricep and other thigh muscles have to work extra hard to make up for the slack.  When I overdo it, it only aggravates the problem.  The doctor gave me a series of exercises to strengthen my leg muscles and work on alignment.  He said to avoid stairs, hills, uneven ground, squatting, and kneeling… even if my knee feels fine. 

So, it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve seen my doctor.  I’ve been doing the exercises on a regular basis, but I need to get back into the aerobic exercise.  Weight lifting just doesn’t offer the same feeling of accomplishment that comes from sweating for 30 minutes as you jog or even walk.  My knee is feeling better.  I haven’t babied it for 3-4 days now, and it hasn’t been achy in 2 days.  If I’m still feeling as good on Sunday I’ll start back up with the aerobic exercise portion of my new fitter life.

Wish me luck!


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