For the past few weeks I haven’t been as dedicated to my new healthy living plan as I should have been.  It started when I hurt my knee…  I guess I thought that if I couldn’t exercise then there was no point to eating well.  So I ate the cakes, the cookies, the chocolate.  Strangely enough the sweets called to me, much more than the salty or savory foods.  It’s way too easy to stop doing the right things for yourself.

So, today I started back up again.  No junk food today.  Low fat foods, full of fiber, and with plenty of water to stay hydrated.  I’ll work on the exercise again soon – I don’t want to chance hurting my knee again before Disneyland.  Soon, though.

I’ll need to plan my meals again.  It worked so much better that way.  If I knew exactly what I was going to eat, then I wouldn’t have to “wing it” and end up making poor choices.  That’s the goal for this week.

  1. Plan the meals
  2. Don’t let the unhealthy stuff in the house
  3. Write the papers that are due
  4. Do laundry/pack for Disneyland

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