It would be nice to be able to take a shower whenever I want to…

Oh, sure, I can shower at any time of the day or night.  I know this.  I know I can twist the knobs to allow hot/cold water into my shower.  But it’s hard to know when it will work best.

For those of you who don’t know, I live in a 4-plex with a shared water heater.  Yes, that’s right…  4 households to 1 water heater.  The water heater is very big so the hot water doesn’t tend to run out.  Unfortunately if anyone in the 4-plex flushes the toilet, does their dishes, washes their hands, brushes their teeth – well, they make my shower get very, very hot or freezing cold.  The same goes for laundry or the sprinklers.

I used to shower before 7 every morning.  It worked well because only 1 of my neighbors got ready for work around that time and I didn’t have to fear scalding.  Then, my hunny got his new job and he started getting ready for the day around 7 every morning.  He likes his morning privacy.

I thought it would be OK to push my shower time back to 7:30.  It seems as though everyone in my complex gets ready then.  Hard to get a warm shower if everyone is using the hot water.

So, I pushed it back to 7:45, figuring that it would give them enough time to get in and out of the shower, etc.  Unfortunately the sprinklers come on at 7:50.  They don’t all go on at the same time.  Different areas of the complex turn on at different times… and they stay on for about 7 minutes.  So every 7 minutes I deal with scalding water that has suddenly gone cold (and vice versa).

I stayed home sick yesterday and the day before.  I tried showering at night those days, hoping that this would be a better option for steady water temperatures.  Do you know how many people flush the toilet at night?  I swear they must all have diarrhea!  Any suggestions?

If you take a lukewarm shower (to avoid the scalding episodes), you freeze if they turn on the hot water or stop using the sprinklers.  If you take a warm shower (to avoid freezing to death), you deal with the risk of scalding if they flush the toilet or do anything with cold water.  *sigh*

You just can’t win.

I’ll add this to my list of reasons to buy a house:

  1. My own washer and dryer
  2. An oven that cooks at the temperature shown on the knob (not 50* hotter)
  3. A refrigerator that doesn’t freeze items in the meat tray
  4. A freezer that keeps foods frozen
  5. No fear of death if I turn on the heater
  6. Paint
  7. Drainage
  8. Privacy
  9. Consistent water temperature


  1. That is terrible. I would complain to the landlord. I live in an apartment building with 4 units and thankfully we all have our own water heaters.

  2. I would also complain, but reading here it seems that you have rented with all appliances already there, but still they should all be working as for you water problem that would drive me mad, complain, complain I know I would.

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