I went to the dentist on Thursday because my jaw was hurting.  She said that I shouldn’t worry because it hadn’t happened before and it seemed to be improving.  On the down side, I need 2 cavities filled.  This is a new dentist for me, and, since I have a heart murmur, they wouldn’t even claean my teeth without my doctor’s approval.  All of my dental fun should commence on Friday.

So, they called Kaiser, who said that they had no record of me ever having a heart murmur.  Uhhh…  what?  I was born with it.  What do you mean you don’t have a record of it?  Either way, I have a new medical doctor too (since mine retired last month).  I hadn’t met her yet, and she wanted to examine me, met me, make sure I wasn’t lying about the murmur.  She seemed nice enough.  She said “I hear your murmur, and it’s LOUD!”  So, she’s concerned that I might be anemic, which could account for the noise or even make the murmur worse.  Who knew?  Then we got to talking and she learned about my family history of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, etc.  So now I have to do a fasting blood test.  Good news that came out of this appointment was that I lost 29 pounds (woo hoo!) and that there is no need for antibiotics if you have an “unrisky” heart murmur. 

I was really good yesterday, in spite of being surrounded by junk food at my mom’s house (go me!), and I managed to work out for an hour with weights (owww).  This morning I jumped on my Wii before my hunny and I went to the tennis court to pretend to play tennis… and I lost another 0.5 pounds!  Tee hee!  Another 0.5 to go before I get my massage!  I’m down to 161.5.  Yay!!!

Just had to do a little happy dance before all my happy is taken away by school next week.


Here are a couple of pictures…

Me and my sister, 11/08

Me and my sister, 11/08


 This is me and my sister at Disneyland in November 2008.  This is my before picture.








Me at Disneyland 2/09

Me at Disneyland 2/09




This is me before a fancy dinner at Disneyland in February 2009.  I was about 15 pounds lighter here.  My dress was a bit big on me but still wearable. 

I don’t have any more recent pictures, but I’ve lost about 15 more pounds since this picture.  So, I look just like this, only skinnier.  I’ll post a newer one when I have one taken.


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