University Fees? Why?

Taking classes online can be great.  I can talk with classmates in my jammies, I can view lectures at 3AM, and I can budget my time as I see fit…  all without stepping foot on campus.

I’m not that far from San Jose State, but I’m still far enough away that I choose not to visit the campus.  As a student, I have never set foot on campus.  I’ve never gone to a sporting event, checked out a book from their library, used the student health center, gone to a concert or play, or received a student ID.  Since I don’t have children, I couldn’t have ever used the on campus childcare.  I’ve never ridden Light Rail, let alone gone to campus on it.  So, please tell me why I must pay $514 this semester for all of these activities.  Anyone?  I hear crickets!

All in all, this semester is costing me a little over $1800 for tuition and fees.  The tuition I can understand.  And $100 of the fees, I can understand since each class costs an extra $50 because it’s considered an Information Science course.  But seriously, the other $514 is ridiculous!  All of the classes in the MLIS program are 100% online now.  None of them are even hybridized.  So why should anyone in the MLIS program have to pay these fees?

I know that money is tight at the school, but why punish the students for the chancellor’s poor fiscal management?

Why should I have to subsidize someone else’s entertainment?

Why should I have to pay for someone else’s child care?

I have no choice.  If I don’t pay, I don’t get that little piece of paper that says I’m qualified to be a librarian.  I just think it’s incredibly unfair to charge people for services they’ll never use.

As my hunny says…  It’s interesting the way prices go up when you don’t have competition.



  1. Ugh, I know, it’s a ripoff. There is pretty much no way the university can justify online students paying those expenses.

    But think of it this way, SJSU is still one of the cheapest options available for library school. What are you taking this semester?

  2. For Summer I’m taking Materials for Youth Ages 5-8 with Luckenbill, and Evaluating Programs and Services (285) with Matthews. So far I think both my teachers are insane.

    In the Fall I’ll take Interpersonal Skills for Librarians and a seminar on Gaming in libraries. I really wanted to get into Issues in Public Libraries, but it was closed.

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