Moving standstill and other stuff

Well, the library move has come to a standstill.  On Monday the Fire Marshal shut the move down because of a problem with the lights in the children’s area in relation to the fire sprinklers.  The construction crew worked on it on Tuesday.  Then Wednesday the Fire Marshal came out again and found 15 more things wrong.  The crew said they’d have them fixed by Thursday so the Fire Marshal could inspect again on Friday.  All of that ends up meaning that we can’t move into the new building until Monday at the earliest.  On the plus side, it gave everyone a chance to pack up their desks and other work spaces.

So my little library (which was apparently the largest in the system in 1962) is mostly on huge wooden book carts waiting to move.  My staff is waiting anxiously to get back to it.  Nearly everyone is off today, but a few people don’t have enough vacation time so they’re working at other branches.

I was looking forward to sleeping in today.  It didn’t work out though.  The neighbors do enjoy standing outside my bedroom window and shouting.  That combined with the sorting at the thrift store and the garbage trucks means that I’m up.  Oh well, I needed to write a paper anyway.



  1. Best laid plans, eh? At least Linda hasn’t exploded [imploded?]from the stress (not yet anyway). Can’t wait to see the new digs. Maybe next week.

  2. Ha! Too true. I told Linda she needs to sleep for a week after we’re in. I’d be happy to give you a tour once we’re in!

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