Ring Shopping and a Library Move

My hunny and I have recently begun looking at engagement rings.  On our last trip to Disneyland our conversation went like this:

Him: How much money do we have in our accounts?
Me: $_____
Him: OK
Me: Why?
Him: No reason

An hour later…
Him: How do you feel about sparkly jewelry on your left hand?
Me: I LOVE sparkly jewelry on my left hand!
Him: OK.  And on an unrelated note, how do you feel about parties sometime after you graduate that require you to wear a white dress?
Me: I LIKE those kinds of parties!
Him: Oh, OK.

An hour later:
Him: So, how much money do we have again?
Me: $_____
Him: OK, we can start looking at rings when we get back from Disneyland

Funny guy.  After 14 years, I’m counting that as a proposal.

So, I’ve looked at rings on my own and with him.  Walking into jewelry stores is a completely different experience when I’m alone vs. with him.  Alone, the sales people are nice.  They’re patient.  They’re not pushy or rude or condescending. 

When I’m with him, it’s the complete opposite. We walk in and 2-3 sales people circle us like sharks in the water.  They all greet us repeatedly.  They start in asking what we want without even allowing us to look at their selection first.  Then, when we do finally ask to see a ring, they try to upsell us to a big ol’ ugly ass honkin’ rock that I’d never wear.  Ummm…  no, thank you.  After that they tend to imply that if I’m not interested in a solitaire I’m not interested in quality.  No…  I just think solitaires are boring, not super cute, and their profile stands way too tall.

My hands are little.  I need something that isn’t going to take up too much room on my finger.  I also work with my hands a lot.  I need something with a lower profile so I don’t bang it into things too much.  I also want something kind of old fashioned looking, with side stones and a pretty gallery.  When we bring up these needs/wants, they tend to roll their eyes and launch into a shpiel about their lifetime warranty and diamond replacement thingamajig.  Yes, I know.  Everyone has one of those.  You aren’t special. 

Sadly, things that look small-ish in the case are usually pretty big on my hand, so it can take a bit of trying on to find one that works.  I really appreciate the people who will let me try them on without looking annoyed. 

Then, of course, they ask about our ideal price.  I know that the reason they’re asking is to steer me towards rings within that price range, but honestly, they don’t need to know that.  I’ve sold jewelry, so I know that the price is whatever they make up.  Most jewelry stores start with a markup of 2-3 times the price they paid for it.  I’m looking at the overall value we’re getting for what we’re paying.  How good is the stone’s quality?  Colorless doesn’t matter if you have obvious inclusions or the cut is “off.”  Does the color of the side stones match one another and the center stone?  What about the style of the ring?  Is it too trendy?  The profile too high?  Does initial sizing cost extra?  What about if I have kids and gain weight from it; is the sizing still free?  What about cleaning?  Is the stone certified?  All of these things included…  is it worth what they’re asking?

The bottom line is that I know what I want… sorta.  But if you’re pushy or rude, you won’t get my business no matter how much I like the ring.

Either way, we’ll continue shopping on Saturday morning, then I’ve got a wedding to plan!

In work news: All of our stuff is in the new building.  Some of the collection is still on carts but it’s pretty minimal (700-999, J800-999, Oversize).  We also received some of the opening day collection so we’re triaging it while we unpack our workspaces.  On Tuesday the rest of the opening day collection will arrive.  We’ll see what happens then.

We’re still waiting on a part for our Automated Materials Handling System.  Once it comes in the tech can hook it up and we’ll be able to start testing it and learning.  Woo hoo!



  1. Congrats!

    Have you considered antique stores? My engagement ring came from an antique store and I absolutely love it. Then again, I wasn’t particularly picky about rings – I just wanted something classic and simple.

  2. hooray for you guys!!!

  3. Mazel tov!!

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