My dress… almost!

Yesterday I attempted to pick up my wedding dress.  The girl at the counter was gushing over how pretty it was in white (as opposed to ivory).  I smiled and said that my niece picked out the color “Because princesses wear white.”  The girl laughed, looked at the tag, looked at me and said “Are you sure you’re a 12?”

I was a bit offended.  I’d worked hard to lose weight, and I’m still losing thankyouverymuch. I explained that I’d ordered the 12 because the girl who helped me before advised me to do so.  I knew the top would be big, but my hips are quite a bit bigger than my bust.  She said “I really think you should try it on again.”  So I did.

“That dress is huge on you!!!  Why did you order such a big dress?  It’s going to cost you a ton of money to take it in so much – like over $200 for the top alone, plus the bustling.”  Ummm…  the previous girl told me it was the right size to order.  I don’t know anything about wedding dresses.

“Didn’t they offer you another size to try on?”  I asked…  but they said that the 12 was the only size they had in the samples.  I was told it’s better to order too big and then take it in, instead of the other way around.

“WHAT?!?  OK, wait a minute”  She came back with an 8 and a 10. “Try these on.”

The 8 fit nearly perfectly.  Still a little big in the bust – maybe a half an inch or so.  Definitely doable.  “You went from a 12 to an 8.  I’m really sorry.  They should have offered for you to try on something similar in a smaller size just to make sure it fits right. We’ll exchange this for you free.  If you were to lose any more weight, there would have been no way to take the 12 in enough and still have it look right.”

Wow.  From a 12 to an 8.

So now my new smaller dress will be in sometime in February.  Still plenty of time to alter it as needed.


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