Potluck = Bring Food

Last weekend I invited a friend over for mashed potato meatloaf and rockband.  I hadn’t seen B for a while (since before I got engaged) so I was really looking forward to hanging out with him and catching up.  Some of our other friends heard about this potentially fun time and invited themselves along.  My hunny knew we wouldn’t have enough food to feed them all so he said “OK, but it’s a potluck.”

Please tell me why one person brought Jack in the Box for herself, and two people brought 20 oz sodas for themselves AND NOTHING ELSE.  Please explain to me why they then had the nerve to complain about me not making enough food to feed them all.  Ummm… last I checked they were told that this was a potluck.  Potluck means bring food and/or beverage.  If you want to be useful, you can supplement what’s already being offered.

This isn’t the first time they’ve done something like that.  A couple weeks ago my hunny and I supplied pizza.  They each proceeded to eat 7 slices of pizza and complain that they didn’t like the topping choices.  Hello?!?  I’m not forcing you to eat it.  Domino’s delivers.  Pick up the phone and order what you want.  And if you hated it, why did you eat 7 slices?

To top it all off, they pee on my toilet seat and the floor. 

When asked why they didn’t bring anything to the potluck, they explained that they didn’t have any money.  They then proceeded to talk about the new video game they were all buying in the morning.  Let’s see… no money for food, but $60 for a game?  Sounds to me like your priorities are out of whack.  But let’s assume that these were proper priorities.  You could have ponied up another 50-cents and turned that 20 oz into a 2 liter.  Or $1 and turned it into chips or a bag of salad.

*sigh*  They’re not allowed over for a while.   I’m a bit frustrated with them.

My friend B, on the other hand, brought apple cider.  He was the only one who wasn’t told it was a potluck.  He just has good manners.  If you read this B, I had fun playing rock band with you.  Come back soon!


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