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I’m taking care of my mom today so that my sister can hang out with her family at Gilroy Gardens for her birthday.  I haven’t gotten anything useful done – except for laundry – because every time I pull out homework mom starts talking to me or wanting help with something.  I’m not complaining, though.  Mom’s been very well behaved so far today.  It’s also giving me an excuse to look at wedding stuff.

So, we’ve booked the site (includes ceremony, reception, food, beverage, DJ, officiant), bought the dress, and booked the baker.  The rest…  well… 

Photographers are expensive.  At least the ones I like.  Gotta find one whose style I like but with a price I can afford.

Flowers seem to be a bit expensive too.  Why spend all that money on something that’s going to die in a few days?  I want bouquets that look like something I could pick out of my garden (if I had one).  Nothing too formal looking.  Simple boutonnieres and corsages.  Nothing special.  Loose petals for the flower girls in a basic basket. 

Candy centerpieces.  I stole an idea from Disney’s website.  The candy will double as wedding favors, which justifies the additional cost.

My sister and I bought the paper to make our own invites.  Still need to figure out the wording, print and assemble.

Bridal party clothes – I told the girls their dresses need to be the same color and same length.  Other than that it’s up to them.  So far it’s been like pulling teeth…  My hunny still needs to pick his guys, but they’ll wear whatever I tell them to (it’s nice to be queen).

Gotta take my mama and my hunny’s mama shopping too.

Gotta find a ring for my hunny.

We’re still narrowing down the wedding cake style.  My sister is fixing a computer for a friend who is a baker.  The baker will be providing my cake for free!  She makes yummy cakes, so I’m looking forward to it.

OK, I think that’s it…  just a mental list of the things that still need to be done.


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