Meatballs and a jacket

My hunny’s mom makes the most awesome meatballs using her Swedish grandmother’s recipe.  It’s one of those recipes that don’t have true measurements.  One of the directions says “Add ginger powder til you can smell it” – no joke.  I attempted to make them on Monday.  Too much ginger, not enough onion, garlic and parsley, but still good.  I made them today with better results.  My hunny came home to a meal of meatballs, mashed potatoes, and wine.  Yum.

I also went shopping today.  All of my winter coats are huge.  It’s a sad thing since I only got to wear one of them for one winter.  I found one at JCPenney’s on sale, plus I got another $15 off.  Knee length, black, fitted wool with a cashmere blend.  I was super happy… and it was a size small!  I can’t get over that.  It totally cracks me up. 

I tried to find wedding shoes to no avail.  Apparently white shoes are really hard to find in the winter.  So are nude bustiers.  Oh well.  It gives me an excuse to continue my quest, right?


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