Turkey Day

Our Thanksgiving celebrations are usually the same every year…  Dinner at his grandma’s house, and then dinner at my mom’s house.  I was a bit worried about this year because I wasn’t sure who would be cooking at my mom’s.  Last year we ended up going out to eat because Mom was in the hospital.  And the year before I made turkey breasts because prepping a turkey for roasting is disgusting.  This year my brother had the day off so he did the cooking at mom’s. 

So, our day started out with breakfast at Mimi’s.  Then it was off to K-Mart for some Christmas shopping – we got the kids out of the way.  We headed home and started to put up the Christmas tree.  We knew we’d have a bit of time before we had to be to grandma’s for dinner.

Our plan was to put up the tree only, and leave a box of ornaments nearby.  As we’d pass the tree we would add an ornament.  That was the plan…  but we started to decorate it like normal.  Unfortunately we discovered that the ornament hooks were missing.  A trip to Rite Aid was in order, then back to decorating.  Now the tree is up and decorated, the lighted garland is up and decorated, the wreaths are up, and the window thingie that I hate is sorta covered with ribbon and beads.  There are still more garlands, lights, table cloths, breakable thingies, and themed blankets to put out. 

Dinner at Grandma’s was good.  I hadn’t seen most of the people there for at least the past year.  They were amazed at the weight loss.  The girls all asked about the wedding and added that they would be upset if they weren’t invited.  *sigh* add another 10 people to the list…  Food was good, and I held a baby.  My hunny’s jealous of all the babies running around.  I think his clock is starting to tick.  Mine goes and stops, like a clock that’s running low on batteries.

Dinner at Mom’s was good.  Completely different experience from Grandma’s.  At Mom’s everyone sits around the table, passes the food, says Grace and then eats.  Grandma’s is more like a buffet.  My brother’s a chef so the food was all yummy and homemade.  I doubt any of it was healthy, but oh well.

We came home to do some more decorating and play rock band.  The decorating tired me out, so no rock band tonight.  Maybe next weekend.


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