Wedding Registries

So, when you get married you’re supposed to register at stores for gifts.  The thing is that my hunny and I have been together for a long time.  We’ve also lived together for a few years.  We have everything we need for our home.  So what do I register for?

I’ve heard a few different options…  Register for upgrades and replacements.  Register for honeymoon stuff.  Don’t register at all.

I’m not sure what to do.  I have to register – the future inlaws demand it.  But then, registering for honeymoon stuff seems a bit tacky, and registering for things we really don’t need or want seems wrong.  It’s like saying “I know you can’t afford to have this wonderful vacation, but could you pay for mine?”  A lot of my friends are unemployed.  Those that have jobs tend to be living from paycheck to paycheck.  I’d feel bad if they felt excluded because of it.  But then I have some friends that are really pushing for the honeymoon registry (it would be DisneyWorld).  And what the heck would I do with another set of dishes, pots/pans, towels…? 

My hunny says that if we have to register, then we should register for traditional gifts.  I might go for both, but it feels weird.  If people really want to contribute to the honeymoon, they can buy gift cards.  OK, thanks for listening.  I think I’ll just register for traditional stuff.  It feels better to me than the other two options.



  1. I have some friends getting married — and the first thing on ther list are a few charities that are important to them. And this year, even an extra 5.00 is a big deal.

  2. Wait! Don’t register for traditional stuff until you’ve checked out

    It’s an online gift registry where you can register for anything including non-traditional stuff, charities, big ticket items (there is a unique puzzle piece feature that lets you break it up so guests can chip in) or a combination of things. You can even include gifts that would be in a more traditional registry. The point is to get stuff you actually want and will actually use!

    It is still in beta, so if you have any questions or if something isn’t working for you, please let me know!


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