Danielle needs…

I’m sure everyone who’s on Facebook has seen this game already, but I saw it on a blog and thought I’d try it:

Instructions: Go to Google.com and do a search. Type in your first name and the word “needs” after it. Then copy and paste the top ten things Google says you “need”.

The autofill thingie doesn’t seem to to come up with anything I need in Google.  So I decided to try it in Yahoo instead with better results.  Here they are.

  1. Danielle needs baby (ACK!  no no no nonoonononno!  not yet anyway)
  2. Danielle needs struggle (sometimes I do)
  3. Danielle needs a job (not unless Yahoo knows something I don’t)
  4. Danielle needs coach (what kind? the handbag?  a sports one?  a life one?)
  5. Danielle needs rack (well…  not really, but my hunny needs a tie rack)
  6. Danielle needs surgeries (lobotomy?)
  7. Danielle needs a life (maybe a more adventerous life)
  8. Danielle needs a (strangely, nothing after that “a”)
  9. Danielle needs to (same thing here)
  10. (no yahoo entry for number 10)

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