Credit Fraud

As I left the managers’ meeting yesterday I noticed I had two voicemails waiting.  Both were from Chase, my credit card company, saying that they noticed some suspicious activity on my account.  I figured that booking and paying for my honeymoon would send up a red flag so I was ready to confirm all of the charges on my card.  To my surprise there was one charge that went through on Monday for almost $475 that I didn’t make!  Yikes!

They said that it was caught because it was a phone order (I only use my card online or at stores), with the wrong 3-digit number from the back of the card, and the wrong shipping and mailing addresses.  We went through the rest of the charges on my card, but that was the only one that didn’t belong.

This is the second time this has happened with a Chase card.  When I was 19, someone tried to use my credit card number to gamble online.  At the time I had never used that card for anything other than in-person purchases.  And both cards have never been lost, stolen, or even misplaced.  With this occurrence, the last 3 places I used my card were,, and  All are reputable sites.

I’m glad that Chase caught the charge, but it did go through.  So now, I’m awaiting a refund, my new card, and to regain online access to this card so I can pay off the honeymoon.  Hopefully the card will get here before we leave for Vegas on Valentine’s weekend.


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