Week 5 – Chef’s Experience

Yesterday, my BFF and I ate lunch at Chef’s Experience in downtown Hayward.  I’d heard good things about it from people at work, and she’d heard good things about it from her friends, so off we went.

Parking is in the rear of the building and so is the entrance.  It was a bit odd entering the building at the end of the hallway that is also the restroom access but when in Rome…  My friend’s 16 month old was enthralled with the fish tank, so they sat us right next to it.  That definitely helped keep the toddler calm.  Along the walls is bench seating, which everyone by now knows I really dislike.  Since we were at the tail end of the lunch hour we were pretty private so it wasn’t much of an issue.  We were also near the bar.  If it were dinner time, I might have ordered a drink but it didn’t seem right at lunch.

We ordered two lunch entrees (Walnut Shrimp, and Basil Shrimp and Chicken) and the Crab wonton appetizer.  We also had jasmine tea.

The tea was fragrant.  It didn’t get bitter like some teas do after a while.  They kept the teapot and our water glasses full the entire time.

The crab wontons were tasty.  The wrapper was a beautiful, crispy golden brown.  The filling was creamy.  A great blend of textures and flavors.

The walnut shrimp was a little soggy but not overly sweet.  In spite of the sogginess I really liked it.  The 16 month old liked it too… so much that she shoved half a prawn in her mouth and almost choked!  Normally she’s good about biting things instead of shoving the whole thing in, but not this time!

The basil shrimp and chicken was very tasty.  It included green beans, onions, and bell peppers.  The basil flavor wasn’t overwhelming.

I’d definitely eat here again.  There were lots of things on the menu I wanted to try, but just didn’t have the stomach space for.  Just as a warning: the food is a bit pricey and it’s definitely Americanized.  But still – try it out!

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