Week 6 – Tacos & Tequila, Las Vegas

For Valentine’s weekend my hunny and I decided to visit Las Vegas.  I’d missed Vegas, so I was excited for the chance to go again.  And I figured that finding a place I hadn’t eaten at before would be easy. I’d been wanting to try Tacos and Tequila since we passed by it while exploring the Luxor.  My fiance and I thought “We like tacos.  We also like tequila.  This seems like a sure thing!”  So, we made sure to try it our last afternoon in Vegas.

We walked in and were asked to wait for a seat.  Confused, since there were 4-5 empty tables spread throughout the restaurant we agreed.  I leaned against a wall and noticed a young lady who was dressed nicely sitting attentively in a chair.  I figured she was waiting for her date so I didn’t think much of it.  After 20 minutes we were sat directly in front of the lady who I’d noticed.

We placed our orders.  He ordered the first margarita on the list, and the chicken tacos.  I ordered the ginger mango margarita and the crab tostadas.

They brought out chips and two types of salsa; both were yummy.

The margaritas tasted good.  The tequilas chosen complimented the base flavors nicely.  They weren’t the basic Silver or Gold tequilas that you find in most restaurant margaritas.  They were well worth the $12 each we paid.

My fiance liked his tacos, but noted that they were a bit small.  He cleaned his plate, and that almost never happens.

My crab tostadas were small as well.  Think of it as 3 round tortilla chips piled high with a mayonnaise-y crab and avocado mix.  They were hard to eat – kind of messy, you know?  But on the plus side, the crab was real crab.

As we were eating, we overheard our waiter talk to the girl who had been waiting since before we arrived.  She was there for an interview.  Just before we finished our meal, the hostess went to the girl and said “I don’t know when he’ll be here to talk to you.  You might want to go.”

I would have liked this place more if they didn’t leave the poor girl waiting.  It also would have helped if the portion sizes were a bit bigger.  I was left feeling vaguely dissatisfied, like I could have eaten another course, but after $60 I couldn’t stomach the thought of adding on another $15 for dessert.


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