Week 7 – City Bistro, Hayward & Palomares Cafe, Castro Valley

This week I ate at 2 new restaurants – Yay!


After being trapped in an airport and on a plane for several hours, the last thing I wanted to do when I got home was cook.  One of my friends recommended City Bistro in Hayward to me a few months back, so I grabbed my Fiance and headed out.

We were immediately greeted by a man (the owner, I think) who said that we could sit anywhere we’d like.  Since we had the place to ourselves we chose the bench seating along the wall.  I know, I know…  I’m vocal about my disdain for bench seating.  To be fair, this place has minimal bench seating, with well over half the restaurant being made up of tables and chairs.

The guy brought our menus and stayed to chat for a moment.  I like it when they do that – gives the waiter/manager guy some personality.  I ordered a lemonade and the reuben.  My Fiance ordered a coffee and the Rudolph Giuliani.

The sandwiches were huge!  I couldn’t get my mouth around mine.  They came with a potato salad (yum), coleslaw (OK), and a pasta salad (meh).  Both sandwiches were tasty.

The only odd things that happened were that someone started cleaning the windows with a very strong smelling window cleaner just as we received our orders.  And the lady who brought out the orders didn’t smile and was a bit abrupt.  Even with that bit of weirdness, I’d still eat there and recommend it to others.


A group of about 10 of us visited Palomares Cafe for a retirement party last night.  Originally there were only going to be 6 people… and as more showed up they let us move.  They were super accommodating which was nice.

All of the food we were served looked good.  It must have tasted good too because all of our plates were empty by the end of the meal.  I had the Mediterranean Pasta with Creme Brulee for dessert.  My pasta was a bit firm for my taste, but the prawns were cooked to perfection.  The creme brulee was creamy and flavorful.

At the end of the meal they were kind enough to take group pictures with several cameras.  As we were leaving the band in the bar started up.  I wish I had time to hang out and listen. Maybe the next time I come in I’ll be able to enjoy the music.  Definitely good for date night.


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