Week 10 – Burrito Shop, Castro Valley

The next installment in my continuing mission to try a new restaurant every week…


Last week was a close one – I almost didn’t meet the requirements of this resolution!  Originally my hunny and I were going to try a new restaurant before we saw Chicago at CSUEB, but then he got home late and we resorted to Taco Bell.  So, that left only one day to get my restaurant in… and I had to work that day!  So, I thought about the restaurants near work, and remembered the Burrito Shop in Castro Valley.  Believe it or not, I’ve never eaten at a Burrito Shop, so I thought I’d try it for lunch.

The location is a 3 minute walk from the staff entrance at work, but if you’re driving you might have to battle for parking.  The inside isn’t much to speak of: a few tables and chairs, and a big barrier of a counter with the menu posted above.  It’s definitely a fast food place, but when you only have a 30 minute lunch break you’re not looking for fancy!

I ordered the first gourmet burrito on their menu: the Santa Fe Chicken.  The girl rang me up, and my food came out shortly after.  It wasn’t until I’d had time to study the menu that I realized I could have asked for my choice of beans and tortillas, including whole wheat, at no extra cost.  Eh, next time, right?  I walked back to work to eat my meal, mostly because the Shop didn’t feel super welcoming.

My burrito was decent.  There was a good balance of rice, beans, and veggies, but it could have used more chicken.  I have to admit that eating zucchini in my burrito was different, but the flavors meshed well.

Overall, I’d probably go back for another quick meal if I forgot my lunch or the cafe in our building doesn’t have anything to offer.  I doubt I’d make a special effort to visit though.

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