Dreaming of a wedding and work

I’ve been at home sick today, alternately napping and reading.  I also soaked in a really hot tub and breathed steam for a while.  Definitely not getting anything useful done, like writing another competency.  (BTW, I’m up to 7 approved! Still waiting for a response on one more.  A few more to write.)

During one of my napping sessions, a dream combined work, wedding, and family stresses into one weird dream.  I was talking to some lady about my mom and transporting her to the wedding, and the lady started bugging me about paying for my mom’s care and/or quitting work to take care of her.  I watched a spider crawl across her desk.  Then the dream fast forwarded to the wedding itself.  I was so upset that it wasn’t like I thought it would be.  Instead of being married in front of the gazebo, we had to be married in an auditorium decorated with green balloons.  The vows hadn’t been chosen, my dress was weird and we forgot the wedding rings.  Then I tried to print something, and the printer/fax/copy machine acted up and got toner everywhere (that’s where the work stress is right now).  Definitely odd.

Now I’m waiting for my hunny to bring me some dinner.  I’m gonna take some decongestant and tylenol to see if that makes my head stop hurting.  At least my throat stopped hurting sometime today.

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