Baking bread, Costco and Exercising

When my husband and I got our own place (we were merely dating at the time) my sister and brother-in-law donated a bread machine to our cause.  I’d been lusting after a bread machine for some time, mostly because I knew that I was too lazy to bake bread the regular way, and they had a bread machine that they never used…  so it came our way.  I baked a couple of loaves and then I ran out ingredients and felt too poor to afford more, so the bread machine went back into the closet where it sat until now.

During last week’s grocery trip we became frustrated by the bread selection.  There was literally no whole wheat bread on the shelf.  There was wheat, cracked wheat, butter top wheat, wheat with additives – but no whole wheat.  And they wanted $4 for a loaf of non-whole wheat bread.  I sucked it up and paid the money, but I absolutely hated having to make a less healthy choice simply because my grocer didn’t stock the shelves properly.

My husband reminded me of our bread machine’s existence.  Today, I bought whole wheat flour for $3, filled the machine with ingredients and pressed start.  Three and a half hours later with our house smelling awesome, we ended up with a 2-lb loaf of whole wheat bread.  Does anybody know how many slices I’m supposed to get out of a loaf this size?

While it was baking, we went on a Costco run to pick up some much needed toilet paper, paper towels, a huge thing of ground beef and 20-lbs of potatoes.  All will be very useful for DH’s Halloween themed birthday party next weekend.  I also found a light weight coat for the fall and, while looking for a huge package of chicken to repackage with my food preserver thing, I came across a (cheaper!) package that was already split into the smaller sized that I needed!  Woo hoo!

I did end up spending about a half hour portioning out the finger foods and snacks into individual serving sizes.  It’ll definitely help me keep an eye on my calories, and it’ll keep DH from eating way more than he should too.

Even though the weather was beautiful, I kinda wanted to be at home, so I decided to exercise to a DVD today.  It was a 4-mile walk with Leslie Sansone that ended with me sweaty and happy.  I’ll make another post later reviewing the DVD.  Throughout the workout, I could smell that delicious bread.  It’s such a temptation!

Now it’s time to get cleaned up for dinner out with my in-laws.  They’re taking us out for an early birthday dinner for DH.  It should be nice!


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