Halloween Themed Birthday Party

My husband is turning 30 tomorrow.  He wanted a birthday party, but he didn’t want it to be themed like a birthday party.  Since we’re in the middle of October, we decided to go with a Halloween theme.  Guests are supposed to dress up, and hopefully bring some ghoulish eats.  DH will be dressed up like a Mooby’s employee (ever see Clerks II or Dogma?  Yeah, that Mooby’s.).  I’ll be a devil.

On the menu:

  • Mashed potato meatloaf (make meatloaf, put mashed potatoes on top, garnish with paprika, stick back in the oven until lightly browned)
  • Deviled eggs with spiders on top (Cut whole olives to look like spiders)
  • Black punch (follow this recipe) with vodka on the side for adults to add
  • Crazy snack mix (follow this recipe)
  • Potato skins
  • Chips and salsa
  • S’mores
  • Birthday cake

I was planning on making caramel corn too, but I ran out of time.  I should have also included some kind of vegetable, but my friends all act like they’re allergic or something.

My house is all decorated too.  I used black streamers to make curtains to hang in between the living room and stairs; the living room and bathroom; the living room and kitchen; and and at the living room window.  Black balloons were used to cover up the tape in obvious spots.

The kitchen is decorated to look like a mad butcher’s workspace.  We got wall decorations from Spirit.  My tape and my walls hate them.  They keep falling down in the corners!  Hopefully I got them to stick long enough that once they start letting go again my guests will be too drunk to notice. 😉

The bathroom has gel cling “blood” splatters on the mirror and counter.  One of the splatters has a fake razor blade in it.  There are also a couple of candelabras on the counter and fake spider web everywhere.

I’ll post pictures later.  I needed a break in between cleaning sprees.  Next up is vacuuming and figuring out how my fire bowl works.  We’ll be burning the Steven Colbert cutout that’s been living in my bathroom.  He’s getting a little droopy and needs to go, but the thought of throwing him away made me sad.  So, we’ll burn him instead.


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