Thugs + 3am + police = no sleep for me


Last night after I finished my book and rubbed my husband’s back I drifted off to sleep.  Sounds pretty normal right?  Sounds pretty awesome, right?  It was… until 7 or 8 drunken/high hooligans were walking home at around 2am.

My neighborhood is special.  Sound travels really well because of the two story homes butting up against the hills.  You can hear people’s conversations clearly from across the street even when they’re speaking at a normal volume.  Now imagine how well you can hear a bunch of drunk people shouting from down the street.  Yeah.

I fully support them walking home instead of driving while intoxicated.  I think that was a responsible thing to do.  I don’t support them yelling, screaming profanities, cackling like hyenas and generally making a noisy nuisance of themselves as they do it.  Especially on a week night.  People like me have to work in the morning and there are a ton of kids in our neighborhood, all of whom need to go to school the next day.

I was prepared to ignore them.  You see, they do this about once a month.  Get drunk and high, walk home, be noisy.  The disturbance is usually only long enough to wake me up and be annoying.  But last night was different.  Last night they were actually fighting.  So, I called the cops.

The cops were there super quick.  I guess letting them know that there are 7 or 8 people who I’ve overheard saying are drunk and high, screaming profanities and talking about kicking each other’s asses can raise a red flag.

Things were quiet, I started to fall back to sleep.  Then the dreaded police knock came.  You can always tell a cop’s knock.  They’re different from a regular person’s knock.  Apparently we needed to stay inside with the lights off and doors and windows closed.  One of those thugs had a gun and ran off.  This was followed by a helicopter, police dogs, flashlights, flashing lights and more for 3 hours.

DH says “This is why we need a gun in this house” (for the record, I’m not anti gun, I’m just anti gun in my home when we’ve signed a rental agreement saying we won’t have a gun).  Then he says “We need to get out of the ghetto” and “A real man would provide well enough for his woman to afford a place in a better neighborhood.”  My response is that the neighborhood is fine most of the time, and that we’ll own a house within the next 2 years.  He’s providing wonderfully for me.

As you can imagine I’m exhausted.  The world is spinning and my stomach is upset.  This is pretty normal for me when I’m running on 2 hours of sleep.  I seriously don’t think it’s a good idea to drive a car and try to give customer service when I’m feeling this terrible.  If you need me, I’ll be at home.


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