Couch to 5K – Week 2 Day 2

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My plan called for me to do this workout on Wednesday.  Well, my knee still hurt from Monday’s run.  I’d planned on walking instead while DH was at Judo, but his class was canceled so we did date night instead.  The lack of movement helped my knee feel better so I thought I’d just run on Thursday instead.  I’d forgotten we had plans to celebrate FIL’s birthday, so we did that instead.

And so, I did week 2 day 2’s jog today, instead of week 2 day 3 like I’d planned.  As long as I keep doing it, I’ll be OK.  I’m just frustrated by the holdups/reschedules, ya know?

Today’s workout parameters were the same as Monday’s.  It seems like the first jogging portion of every workout is the most difficult.  I’m not sure why that is, but know that this is the way my workouts work makes getting through them that much easier.  About 20 minutes after I started, the workout was done and I could have my coffee!  🙂

Funny story: I was talking with my coworkers about our respective workouts, and the subject of music came up.  I showed them my “running” playlist on my phone.  They totally cracked up laughing and said I have the most schizophrenic tastes in music ever.  Something about a crazy mix of banjos, country music, pop, Metallica, salsa and more for running seemed a bit off to them.  Whatever!  I chose the music because it makes me happy and keeps me moving!  What kind of music do you listen to when you’re working out?


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