Couch to 5K – Week 4 Day 2

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Today’s workout had the same requirements as Monday’s and it was just as challenging.  The difference?  I actually completed this one!

I generally prefer to jog in the mornings, before my knee has had a chance to become tired and achy.  It didn’t work out that way today because I stayed overnight to take care of mom.  As a result, I had to push today’s workout back to tonight and I ended up running on a tired knee.

After Monday’s disappointment, I really wasn’t looking forward to this workout.  I figured that I needed to run smarter and listen to my body this time.  Novel idea, right?  Normally I walk at 3.5 mph and jog at 4.7 mph.  That’s what I did for the first three jogging portions of this workout.  Then, since the final jog was where I fell apart last time, I cut my speed back to 4.5 mph.  It was still really tough, but it worked.

About a minute into the final jog (the 5 minute one) I was already hot and annoyed.  Whiny almost.  I told myself to shut up and jog.  Then 2.5 minutes in I was ready to quit, but I told myself that I was halfway done, and to keep going.  4 minutes in I started to get excited – I could see the finish line!  30 seconds later I tried to count down, but got discouraged and quickly stopped that idea.  15 seconds later counted down and at the 5 minute mark I wheezed “wooo!” and got back to walking.

I went 1.92 miles in 28 min 13 sec.

So, I think what I learned from this workout is the importance of working smarter and self motivation.  If I hadn’t slowed down for the final jog I would have had a harder time finishing.  And if I didn’t talk myself into keeping going I would have quit again.


  1. Nice job with this run! I do the same thing…start talking myself through it. I count down my minutes, tell myself I’m already half way through so it would be silly to stop now…or that I’ve already done 4 minutes, 1 or 2 more won’t kill me (even though it feels like it might at the time!).

    I haven’t had a chance to read much farther back in your blog, but in reference to the dizzy, light-headedness…make sure you are drinking LOTs of water every day. When I first started out on this program I got that way almost every run and ended up with monster headaches. I realized that though I was drinking what _I_ thought was a lot of water, it still wasn’t enough.

    Hang in there and keep with it…you are doing great!!

    • It has been much harder to drink water this week. I tend to drink about 10 glasses a day plus what I drink during my workouts, but this week I was in a class that didn’t allow food or drinks. Not even water in a bottle with a lid. You can imagine the damper that this puts on water intake. I’ll definitely do better next week!

      It’s also been a bit warmer than normal this week. I don’t do well in the hot.

      Thanks for the encouragement!

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