Couch to 5K – Week 4 Day 3

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I actually completed this workout for C25K as written today.  In 28 minutes I went 1.94 miles.  I added another 1.5 minutes for a cool down, so my total time and distance are a little skewed. I’m glad I finished. The running portions were all done at 4.7 mph. The walking portions were all done at 3.5 mph, and my cool down decreased the speed from there. I’m a little dizzy and I need to ice my knee, but overall I’m OK.

I learned last night that some races don’t allow you to wear headphones “for safety reasons.”  I guess that makes sense, especially on a course that isn’t closed to traffic.  I thought that I should probably practice running with and without music so that I won’t be completely thrown off my stride if I’m ever not allowed to have headphones.  Today was a no music day.

It was my first such day, so it was a little odd.  In some ways it felt like things went a little faster.  In other ways it was a little weird.  I definitely had to talk to myself a bit more since I couldn’t lose myself in the music.  I also found myself paying more attention to my breathing so I was able to change my stride/breath pattern as I noticed the beginnings of a side stitch instead of waiting until it started to hurt to breathe.

That’s not to say that this workout was much easier than the other week 4 workouts.  I still ended up covered in sweat, feeling like I couldn’t possibly take another step, dizzy, nauseous and anxiously watching the clock.  But I finished nonetheless.

I looked ahead at the workouts for week 5.  I don’t think I’m quite ready for them.  Ill definitely be repeating this week.  There’s no sense hurting myself so that I can finish “on time” for something that doesn’t have a hard finish date.


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