My New Toptop

I must confess that I’ve been using my old laptop (AKA toptop) for a long time now.  Since what… 2005 or so?  It’s been a good machine, helping me through both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree.  I’ve used it for so long that we had to replace the keyboard when several of the keys fell off and I couldn’t get them back on.  And I’ve even worn the silver away on the left click mouse button… which has finally decided to stop popping back up.

DH and I had been kicking around the idea of replacing my old monster for awhile.  Every time we found a replacement that sounded good, something else would come up or they would sell out.  Such is life.  Then on Monday he attempted to install MS Project.  He was completely disgusted by how slow my toptop was.

He bemoaned the state of my toptop: “How do you live with this?”

I’ve just learned to be patient with it.  It’ll respond to the clicks and other requests you make… eventually.  Well, his experience pretty much sealed the deal – I’d be getting a new toptop for Christmas.

We went out to play with the floor models for a bit.  As an IT professional he was concerned with the specs.  Me?  I only cared about the keyboard.  I type A LOT.  If I can’t use the keyboard comfortably then I might as well not use it at all.  So, I played with the keyboards and found that I hate Toshiba keyboards (something about the small space bar and oversized alt keys).  I also lusted after the extra number keypad on the side.  It would make all of our banking and calculating so much quicker and easier.

After playing for awhile we headed home to consider our options.  We looked around online to find the best deal and then realized that I would need this new toptop pretty darn quick if I’m supposed to take it with me to CLA.  With shipping we would end up paying just as much as finding one on sale in a store.  So back out we went and we picked up my new toptop.

It’s all configured and pretty and clean!  It even smells new!

We’re hanging onto the box it came in so that he can wrap it up for Christmas. 😉

So what’s to be done with my old toptop?  DH will be wiping it clean and installing Ubuntu on it.  That’ll give me a chance to play with open source stuff and learn more about it.

I’m sure by now you’re wondering about the use of the word “toptop” instead of laptop.  Well, when my nephew was really little, he kept trying to say laptop, but it kept coming out as toptop.  It kinda stuck so now all of my laptops are now toptops.  I do have to be careful to use the correct word at work, but when I’m home it’s my toptop.


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