So far today I’ve gotten 45 minutes of physical activity.  This morning it was 16 minutes walking at a moderate pace while working my way through Don Quixote.  Just a few minutes ago it was another 29 minutes of my normal jogging/walking mix.  I went 2.01 miles in 29 minutes!  I’m getting faster guys!

Remember how the other day I jogged for 6 minutes and was super excited?  Well… today I jogged for 9 minutes!  In a row!  I covered 0.75 miles in that 9 minutes.  I would have done more, but I started to have trouble controlling my breathing.  So, I jogged till it hurt and then walked till it didn’t and repeated that process for 29 minutes.

I can’t tell you how exciting it was to see the time keep going and the distance counter keep going and realize that I was actually going along with it!  I haven’t jogged for that long (time or distance) since high school.  That’s 15 years!

I’m gonna get back to walking (I need another 15 minutes of cardio activity) and then follow it with some stretching and resistance training.  My lower body seems to have recovered from my recent foray into resistance training.  My upper body is still a bit sore, but it’s not outright painful.  Just enough to remind me that those muscles have been worked.  I’ll focus on lower body and abs in a bit.  I just had to stop and say WOW!

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