I dream of zombies

I dream about zombies with alarming regularity.  They’re not nightmares.  They’re just dreams.

There’s usually some type of zombie uprising and I’m taking them down or leading the survivors to safety.  Or both.  My cool is kept.  I react practically.  And, even when something completely crazy happens (like I somehow figure out how to climb a sheer wall or run fast enough to fly) it all makes perfect sense and I don’t die.

Last night I had another zombie dream.  I’d gone to the hospital for a checkup and noticed that people were acting strangely.  There were a ton of ambulances appearing at the ER.  They all had patients on gurneys that were strapped down and acting “bitey.”  Other people were arriving by car and looking listless.  I didn’t look around to see how I could help.  I immediately thought “Wow, it’s a zombie uprising.  Time to get away from the hospital.”

Yup.  That’s right. I immediately knew that the zombie virus had been unleashed and the most unsafe place I could be was the hospital.

As I attempted to leave the hospital grounds, I looked around and could tell who would be eaten next.  Usually someone crying over a body that was soon to reanimate.  Other times it was someone who was wandering around completely unaware that they were being stalked by a group of zombies.  I was able to avoid most of the walking dead.  I bashed the heads of those I couldn’t.

I didn’t run into problems until the National Guard moved in.  They were quarantining the area and didn’t want to let me through.  So, I continued on my path, searching for a way out and killing any zombies that I couldn’t avoid.  As I found what appeared to be an unsecured route I woke up.

Although the dreams are odd, they’re strangely comforting.  I wonder if the comfort has to do with the security I feel in knowing that I can handle whatever the zombies throw at me.  I know that no matter what happens, I will be OK.  I do not fear a monster that would have many people shrieking in terror and unable to protect themselves.

So when people ask me what I dream about I say zombies.  And while they may give me the side-eye, I know that those are good dreams for me to have.

A day for new goals

2010 was a huge year for me.  I got my Master’s, turned 30 and married the love of my life.  How could I ever top that?  Well, I don’t know that I can or even if I want to (that year took a lot of work!) but it sure was a great year.

Unfortunately, my goals for December didn’t work out so well.  I had a feeling they wouldn’t.  I basically didn’t exercise, ate whatever I wanted, and sat on my ass and read all month.  I know that those are my regular responses to extreme stress and I’m not beating myself up too bad about it.  I’m definitely feeling a lot calmer, less panicked, and better overall.  So let’s try this again, shall we?

Today is January 1, 2011.

My goals for the month of January are:

  • Exercise for at least 45 minutes every day, including cardio and weights
  • Eat within reason – don’t just sit there eating leftover Christmas candy and all the treats brought to work.  Don’t go overboard with fast food.  Make the healthier restaurant choices.
  • Snuggle with DH more.

My goals for the year 2011 are:

  • Lose 20 pounds and get to 140.
  • Have a more professional appearance at work.  Jeans and a t-shirt are not appropriate attire for most managers.
  • Be a better housekeeper.  My home should be company ready at all times.
  • Start catching up to DH’s retirement savings.  He’s got 10 years of saving on me!
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